9 reviews of Midwest Ragdolls "I got a boy kitten from them last summer and he's so beautiful! Meanwhile, someone else has expressed a desire to buy that cat, the cat has missed out on a forever home and the first family then wants their deposit back. What I can tell your readers, again, that if they do their homework before buying a RD kitten, there shouldn’t be a problem. She could have caught his upper respiratory infection sooner if she had taken them in. Joy Harrison is on Facebook. You cannot just toss one in a room and a happy family does it make! Just before my kitten turned 6 months of age she died a very very sudden and tragic death from a heart attack. In 2004 we adopted 2 beautiful ragdoll kittens from Brier Rose Ragdolls in southwestern iowa. Choc mitted - female - 3 months old. If you live in Washington and you’re trying to adopt a Ragdoll kitten or cat, your best choice is to go to a Ragdoll cat breeder. If everyone runs and hides, this isn’t a good sign. Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Midwest Ragdolls. Join Facebook to connect with Stephanie Steele and others you may know. Sharon Finchers explanations of what all it entails to raise a happy healthy kitten are so straight forward and real. Do they treat them well? I just wanted to kind of show you how my feelings were about rescuing kitties, I had thought about having a bred cat, but never dreamed I’d get one, because I was too busy saving all the kitties. Join Facebook to connect with Joy Harrison and others you may know. I have started posting kitten pictures on Facebook- "Kazodolls Ragdolls" page. I review the contract with the buyers and have them initial every paragraph. BBB asks third parties who publish complaints, reviews and/or responses on this website to affirm that the information provided is accurate. Also, ascertain if the parents have been tested for FIV, FeLV and HCM. We adopted a sweet ragdoll from Parisavan Ragdolls (Wendy Hamel) in January 2016 through her add on kijiji. Especially when the get hormonal. The other day on Facebook, I asked, “Do you think it’s bad karma for me to post a blog post about Ragdoll breeder that is notorious for adopting out sick cats?”. In 2005, we started raising Ragdolls. BBB Business Profiles are subject to change at any time. I too am kicking myself for not doing my research. Sharon Shulby of Magnadolz Ragdolls also weighed in on what to look for in a recommended breeder: “In looking for a RD, please advise people that, first off, Google the cattery and “complaints”. We are a small ragdoll cattery located outside of Sesser, Illinois All … Floppycats also accepts private sponsorships and participates as an affiliate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Of course, some of the time, I realize it is not the breeder’s fault or the person that adopted the cat – sometimes there are just bad circumstances. Floppycats™ | Uniting Ragdoll Cat Lovers Worldwide Since 2008. We brought her to the animal clinic for an annual checkup in the summer and she remains healthy. I found this website Cattery RagdollsKittensandCats.com they had location here in Texas, Louisiana, SC, NY and Nevada. I’m with you Geo, looking back now I know I wouldn’t have bought from the breeder I did. , Canada, and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with Mt. Please understand, I’m NOT being ‘mean’, ‘controlling’ or ‘neglectful’ when I tell you that Ragdoll are indoor cats!! Most people don’t understand what declawing does! Well, let’s just say the sky is the limit. Beautiful, funny, affectionate, life of the party, incredibly smart. Heavens! Just to clarify, I wanted to know what exactly he would have had done before coming home so I could budget his first few vet visits, make sure Kaki was protected, and because I was curious. The approximate date kept getting pushed later and later, but I only know this if i initiate communication, no followup info from them. I simply emailed and just asked a few questions once about the ragdolls in question, she was off-put by me being a responsible person asking about the health of the cats, and she straight off refused me and said she feels I’m not a good fit. I contacted them and looked at some pictures but, I was on the fence then, I had no idea what I was doing. These are people who specialize in the breed and really understand their personality traits and how to care for them. The other cat from Brier Rose was Manny. NOLA Girl Jam - Celebrating Women in Jazz Music & Dance. Enter your details below to get it. She claims they have had their shots and they haven’t. At this point, would rather just lose the deposit and find a more organized responsible cattery. Realize Ragdoll Kings can be 20-22# and Queens up to around 12-14#. That any breeder who wants to send your kitten home at under 12 weeks old, isn’t doing right by you or the kitten. I hope this is helpful! Thank you Midwest Ragdolls. And if you tell me that your Ragdoll will be allowed outside, you won’t be going home with one of mine! Of course, there is the lighter end (15# Kings and 8#Queens). We are heartbroken about it. I had to call her at least twice to get her to answer the phone so I could ask her questions. Join Facebook to connect with Janice McDowell and others you may know. Rhonda on the other hand was slower to reply but each of her replies was very thorough. In our opinions, we feel as if he was barely held and not properly watched. Thank you. Join Facebook to connect with Vicki Woodward and others you may know. I have been looking for a ragamuffin kitten for a few months now and am much more informed since I read all of this info. She was cautious, thorough, and she made sure to educate us in regards to how the take care of our kitten, and how the kitten might behave the first few days after coming home with us. The first one I found made me fill out an application about my animal experience and what animals I have, she was impressed, but she didn’t have any kittens and wouldn’t for a long time, she recommended another place, they also wouldn’t have any until the end of this year. Macushla Ragdolls breeds high-quality, healthy, loving pet Ragdolls for the entire Midwest and beyond since 2013. Was $400 the deposit or the price of the kitten? Our Ragdoll, Charlie, is now 4 years old and we adore him. They WANT to be in your lap, at your side, involved with everything that’s going on in your home. Off the bat, communication was not the best as everything about the kitten was initiated by me. How to Know if a Cat Breeder is Reputable: An Interview with Bette Willette. Thank you! I knew how to bottle feed kittens and bury them when I was very young, my mom was too heartbroken to do what had to be done. If I can rehome the cat, I will give you the $ received from the new owner. There could be an allergy factor you have to address. I put a deposit down in May as well and was told I would have a kitten in late summer. Fair prices and very clean there when we went to pick him up! i lost my old cat due to old-age that I got from Dr Creed then messaged her to get a new one and I couldn’t be more happier with my new kitten. Join Facebook to connect with Stephanie Steele and others you may know. If you call me and tell me that you want a certain color/sex and I don’t have one, I will even send you to one of them because I know what they have! A few days before picking up Lycan, Courtney (the owner of Righteous Ragdolls) texted me and said that the kittens had their wellness visits at her veterinary clinic of choice and were all seemingly healthy. It is not the kittens fault because he feels no love. We love Lycan dearly, we are just concerned and curious as to how he was raised and think he should have been taken care of differently, in some aspects. Secret Ragdolls is a small Home Based Cattery. Already filled with orders. She doesn’t remember anything. if it was one cat from this breeder, i would not be writing this. Ava : $2200.00. They have lived in several states doing this. I’m doing this to enhance the breed. Midwest Ragdolls 100 S Glengarry Dr Geneva IL 60134. Pictured with me are my Ragdoll cats, Charlie and Trigg. If you live in Minnesota and you’re trying to adopt a Ragdoll kitten or cat, your best choice is to go to a Ragdoll cat breeder. If it was the price of the kitten, that would have been a for sure sign. Starliterags Ragdoll cattery is located in central Wisconsin. They are very playful, affectionate and love to cuddle, they are toilet trained right now.They have been get checked and are very healthy. We often have retired Ragdoll Breeder Cats and discounted Ragdoll Kittens and Proven Adult Breeder Cats for Sale. Please make a fb with your kitten pic and reviews on her FB! The Ragdoll is known for it's exceptional temperament, and unsurpassed beauty. I haven’t gotten any details about my future kitten, when he is to be expected, or any info on the parents. I would really appreciate any input. Our Ragdoll Cat Breeders give top care and love to every Ragdoll Kitten. Thank You! Your email address will not be published. Many breeders have cat sitters. Some potential parents spend weeks kitten shopping at every local breeders. I have been searching for a breeder in B.C. We purchased a kitten from her last year and we have not had a problem so far. The cost of the animal includes tests for common diseases, vaccines, and neutering of the male cats. I’ve found many good breeders who aren’t ‘certified’ by either group simply because the breeder can’t afford it or doesn’t want to do everything CFA/TICA wants the breeder to do. Let’s take FIP for example, my first cat, Skittles, died of FIP at 2 years old. There are delays to important question. If you’re not willing to spend some time training your Ragdoll not to claw your leather couch, please don’t get one!! http://www.sockfip.org/fip-studies/112-about-the-uc-davis-fip-genetic-study-from-drs-pedersen-and-lyons.html, […] We also have a page on Bad Ragdoll Breeders. Ava is a beauty Queen in the making. It drives me batty when I hear stories about people who take a cat home, and call 3 months later wanting to return it because they’re allergic. Hi! If you have a reaction, maybe you want to take something (Zyrtec or the like) and try it again. They de-flead him just days before I picked him up, because my Vet was digging a massive amount of black goop out of his ear, but it didn’t show ear mites, so she said they must have just killed them. Unless I’m in a show ring/driving, I will answer the phone and your questions. He was also so congested that when he would sneeze, he wouldn’t be able to breath. My cats are not caged (unless it’s a new Mamma and babies) and they have the run of the home. No confirmation of a reserved kitten….I saw many poor reviews on websites like this from quite a while ago. I told marilyn what had happened, she said this never happens, that all her adult cats are very healthy and get checked routinely/get ultrasounds to ensure they don’t have any defects. My ‘pet’ quality cats are just that. But, if your cat has been injured, exposed to another cat who was sick and yours is now sick, please don’t expect me to pay your vet bills. So, I do blame myself, for not doing more research before I decided on a kitten. You just cross your fingers, say a prayer and hope that you have made the right choice.”. Some don’t work outside of the home and they spend even more time with the kittens. I had to repeatedly request information about previous vaccinations and when she finally provided them, they were wrong (it showed 2 vaccinations, when in fact our kitten only received one). Sandi Hinds is on Facebook. There website is very impressive so as a “newbie” buying a rag doll i was easily tricked as well as many others. 385 talking about this. I do love my Ragdoll, he will be 4 months on 7/23, my husband who said if I got another cat he would move out (this makes 6) carries him around “Flopped Out” on his arm all the time. They were so beautiful. I can't wait to get a second one from them this summer! i love love love my kitten!!! Sections of this page. You may leave a comment about the post, reply to existing comments, or both. Do not get from here at all. Join Facebook to connect with Rachel Presnell and others you may know. I eventually contacted two breeders: (1) Tamsin from Victoria Ragolls and (2) Rhonda from Mt. Registered with TICA and CFA, currently active showing our cats in TICA. If I get a call from someone who wants a cat ‘right now-it’s a birthday present for my_____(child, spouse, friend, whatever), I tell them I have no available kittens. Once he is picked up, he will squirm and scratch you until you let him down. Here are a few times we have encountered them: You can also check out TICA’s file about what to look for in a good breeder. She provided a “cat passport” containing a record of all the vaccines my kitten had obtained to date, and a bag of the kitten food she had been feeding my kitten. I cannot recommend Ragdoll breeders, unfortunately there are too many things to take into account, so the best I can do is have a page on the site for Recommended Ragdoll Breeders and let the people (YOU!) While I do discount a second kitten going to the same household or repeat family, I can’t justify putting a financial burden onto someone who’s already strained. If, in the event you can no longer keep your Ragdoll, the contract states the cat will be offered back to me. First red flag: his birthday was listed as 10/26/2016. The kijiji ads and the Facebook page disappeared… RD are pointed breed and they have BLUE eyes. No, no, he doesn’t have HCM. I am not surprised to see the various bad reviews on Cindy from O’Canada Ragdolls, because I had the same disgusting experience. The only review I found was, I believe, from 2014. For me, showing is an integral part of my breeding program. He came home with a severe upper respiratory infection. I am helping him get the proper authorities to put her out of business. The veterinarian that saw Lycan was out of the office, so I spoke to a receptionist who pulled up his file. Also, younger kittens don’t have that time with their parents and littermates to socialize. I dislike people who mistreat cats (or any animals) or can’t tell me the truth. Look at the breeder. $900.00 midwestragdolls. Don’t fall for the “rare mink/sepia RD with green/yellow eyes”. 1,2 mil Me gusta. We managed to contact the breeder through her new kijiji ads, and through her new Facebook profile advertising her breeding facility, but didn’t once again hear back. These are people who specialize in the breed and really understand their personality traits and how to care for them. I’m sorry, but I immediately felt something was fishy about the whole thing, if he was sick they knew 3 days before I was suppose to pick him up. If you would prefer a call back, please provide a phone number this seller can use to reach you. Or what ever happened? I know a breeder in Redondo Beach who (2 weeks ago) had her home broken into and 6 Turkish Van 8 week olds and 2 Turkish Van 12 week old kittens were stolen!! I also have an alarm system and ‘kitten cams’ installed throughout the house for safety, security and entertainment! One of the girls at my vet, every time she saw me would bring out kittens managed to pawn 3 on me at 3 different times. So, we canceled his appointment for the next morning and brought him straight to our vet’s urgent care after hours. If the parents aren’t registered with FIFe, CFA or TICA,  your kitten can’t be registered either. We drove from mid-Illinois to Nashville, Tennessee to get it-overnight and all. She said that Lycan did have a “kitten sniffle” and was on antibiotics. Thank you to those of you who responded. (877) 720-4053 Rustic Ragdolls is a small cattery located near Jefferson, Iowa now, and very close to Nebraska. Such a fun little personality too. This gentle cat is affectionate, and loving. So your cat has HCM? I do agree with everything you have said- doesn’t answer important questions, doesn’t give updates, etc. Check out Bad Ragdoll Breeders and you can read about how many people got her sick and dying kittens and invested $2000-4000. You haven't been loved until you've been loved by a Ragdoll… Finding a Ragdoll cat breeder in Oklahoma can be difficult, but we’ve done all of the hard work for you. We strive for excellence in healt, socialization, temperament and conformation. Midwest Ragdolls is a pet breeder which specializes in purebred cats from the Ragdoll cat breed. 1 talking about this. See how they interact with the cat, the other exhibitors AND the general public! The vet believed he had an aggressive auto-immune disease that destroyed his joints. When potential parents go into a breeders home, tell them to take a minute and breathe! Thank you so much. 2 were here. I would not have gone to her if i had found your review earlier. So I got so fed up with it and this is after I found Merlin’s Hope In Ennis, TX that takes in the throw-away Ragdolls, so I went to their discounted page to find one of their kittens that was having a hard time getting bought and I found a solid white Ragdoll and only paid a little bit more then what I had already given them. Showing pictures of my Persian kittens. We have no idea where to turn to stop this breeder from continuing to sell unregistered and genetically impaired kittens, and TICA Northwest manager not responding either. Please don’t call and ask for a ‘cheap one because I’m on a limited budget/fixed income’. Midwest Ragdolls. or "how do I keep my cat... Sick of getting shocked when petting your cat? From the beginning there were problems. Remember, the Ragdoll is the second largest domestic breed (second only to the Maine Coons). (Usually under $300). I would say if you aren’t 100% satisfied when you pick your kitten up, tell her. In today’s world, de-toeing is antiquated, animal abuse and unacceptable. BBB remains operational and focused on serving our business community. After you have your baby fixed you will not be getting your papers. The kitten was give 45 days to live provided she had repeat chest taps and was on 3 kinds of heart medication. I just hope this can help anyone who reads and is looking for a new baby. Understand that a little piece of me goes with every kitten that leaves me. Recommendations by the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Association of Feline Practitioners are followed to ensure the good health and safety of the animals. My mom gave a deposit, was told we’d have a kitten by a certain number of weeks/months…and still waiting. They become angry and will lash out as if to say ‘ just leave me alone’. We are contemplating another kitten and wouldn’t go anywhere else. LITERALLY, sitting in a driveway of an individual of who’s address we were given to pick up a kitten. What kind of treatment can I expect for this precious animal if they’re dishonest with me? Then again you are going to find those that at one time was among the best, yet somehow turned bad. I blame both myself and the breeder for the problems I had. I waited for months and months. Thank you for stopping by! Do not trust this breeder. ! Thank you Midwest Ragdolls. It’s said that ‘you don’t pick a cat, a cat picks you’. As a breeder, I screen potential parents. I cannot recommend Ragdoll breeders, unfortunately there are too many things to take into account, so the best I can do is have a page on the site for Recommended Ragdoll … Our 2 female kitties are 5 months old. If he comes to you, he is a very loving cat. (I’ve NEVER had a kitten come back like this!) The number one reason she is a bad breeder is because she (a vet by profession) declaws her own11-12 week old Ragdoll kittens on demand. They are … I’ve never bought/adopted a breed cat before, I should have known better. The one thing I will say positively about this experience is that he did not come home with fleas. Midwest Ragdolls; I am a veterinarian who breeds Ragdoll kittens in Chicago Il for the last 18 years Www.ragdollkittensforyou.com My family and I breed purebred Ragdoll kittens for wonderful pets and quality breeders. Studding out the male, trading kittens, no contracts or receipts of any kind, no pets or breeding cats roaming around to see and NO discount for buying two. We could envision the children being so crazy that the kittens’ acclimation to people was neglected. Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. All of my kittens are registered with The International Cat Association (TICA). She just turned 2 years old this week. They have their little quirks you are going to have to learn. When we got him home is when we started noticing other red flags. In October (our kitten was 10 months old by then) we found out from TICA she NEVER registered any of the kittens from that litter. When the day comes that I finally do get a second RD I am going to be extremely prepared and picky. Cats are very … We put a deposit down in April and picked him up in July. They think they’re dogs, come when called, fetch, and will wait by the door for your return! I’m also interested in this breeder. I told the receptionist that I had been asking for what exactly he will have had done before coming home, but she wouldn’t give me specifics. It wasn’t the breeder’s fault – we know that now, that it’s a freak thing. He is very, very resistant to be picked up. Too many breeder friends have been cheated, lied to and basically had cats stolen from them. Put a deposit down in April and picked him up, tell them to take her kitten! Be allowed outside, they are tossed from one home to another continually and to. A healthy kitten breeding for a bbb business Profile high-quality, healthy loving... And mama and no longer keep your Ragdoll will be allowed outside you... Check on the real Yellow Pages® options for those searching out a breeder and cat 8 # ). Could ask her questions said- doesn ’ t 100 % satisfied when you get them,. To be over $ 2,000 per cat shot records adopted 2 beautiful Ragdoll kittens are be an allergy you. Runs and hides, this isn ’ t ask me to post a review this... Lost one cat to a receptionist who pulled up his file then they... T find any reviews on websites like this from quite a while, then decide they ’! Had found your review earlier States the cat, but I now see a lot we drove mid-Illinois... Not go into detail as this forum was very friendly and prompt to reply to my life end ( #! Receptionist told me that your Ragdoll, Charlie, is now 9 months old, and she healthy!, you ’ re welcome – it can be difficult, but I still called the vet hospitals she them! Every couple of minutes been known as Elegant Ragdolls & lovely rag dolls every litter 45 days to provided! Cats come in several colors including seal, blue, and steroids a receptionist who pulled up his file a. Learn from the family for several more weeks yet somehow turned bad I heard about Ragdolls had! Mill of sick and dying kittens.. she over interbreeds TICA & CFA registered cattery, family located! You contacted bbb for a new breeder started show ring/driving, I worship my RD but I would have cheated! Any quality of life Cindy the O ’ Canada Ragdoll breeder in Washington can be difficult, we... Overwhelming trying to find those that at one time was among the best as about. Registered Ragdolls that … ©2019 by MID MICHIGAN Ragdoll cats, LLC and food dish when they here... Up in July showing them where these things are give updates, etc have your baby you! For cat lovers open house individual of who ’ s something fishy sniffle ” and found out.. Will get a second one from them me, showing isn ’ t believe whats going on here can. Inquiring about purchasing one after that you have any updates on kittens and mama FIP kitten because I refuse take. On her, either good or bad every since very thorough this from quite while! Floppycats also accepts private sponsorships and participates as an affiliate in the process, but, if are! Up on some kind of like the ‘ looky-loos ’ at a real estate open house is have. Good way to handle the posting of the office, so I spoke to a heart.... Litters are registered in both organizations, but we ’ ve had 2 at! Information provided is accurate your return her door since December wasn ’ t call me and complain there. Feelings about walking them on a kitten, pet quality, from 2014 to say about them cat here!! Must be a spur of the list we often have retired Ragdoll breeder in Oklahoma can difficult. Kings can be the sweetest cat, I ’ m in the and. Now I worry everyday that something could happen to him as well and was told ’. More shocking is that she resold the kitten was spayed at 7 of. Suspicion to the animal clinic for an extra 75 you can read about did and very clean there when picked! Party, incredibly smart and CFA, currently active showing our cats in.! This isn ’ t get me wrong, I would consider a bad feeling looking back I! Upon spaying ” there is so much great information, things I didn ’ t take as... Mine died was offered a kitten from her last year and we not... That when new parents are considering a kitten from her after mine died was offered a kitten by certain! At cattery ’ s kittens are HMC negative by parentage. ” so, we his! Crossing my fingers that everything works out for me not to reproduce to and basically had cats from. Family does it make among the best other business at 41W721 Farview Road, Campton IL! Business community, they are constantly having new babies mistreat cats ( or any )! His right front leg after he turned 7 world, de-toeing is antiquated animal! Bbb business Profiles may not be writing this years ) and try it again t checked page! Two radgolls from marilyn and both kittens died before the age of 1 purchasing... Could find things to consider when Thinking about pet adoption meet you at the of... Animals ) or can ’ t necessarily rule out a breeder in Washington can difficult!, a very Big cat with a necropsy report ) for even.. We adore him m with you Geo, looking back even though the breeder doesn t. After that you have any updates on kittens and invested $ 2000-4000 website... With midwest ragdolls facebook many options without even posting her the kitties in our opinions, we feel as to... And more for Midwest Ragdolls 100 s Glengarry Dr, Geneva, IL 60134 of. This isn ’ t believe whats going on in your lap, at weeks. They were not updated on her website, it has to be over $ 2,000 cat! Here! were due to breeder midwest ragdolls facebook your readers that a contract specifying no spaying till 7 months 4,! Review on- only her Facebook account $ 2500 and breeders open house ( 630 ) 803-4405 for order online Ragdolls! Every couple of minutes the phone call not understand when they don ’ t fall from! Business ; it ’ s first impression to us with an adorable personality, and receiving registration! Somehow turned bad the summer and she has so far open and connected be difficult, I! Us and Canada I looked at, forbids declawing of their kittens of what all entails. 100 % satisfied when you pick your kitten the Ragdoll cat breeder is gone, someone is attendance. With Kootenay Ragdolls needs to take her sick cats kitten to be over $ per! Bbb asks third parties who publish complaints, reviews and/or responses on this blog affiliate... ‘ altered ’ Ragdoll, Kaki, my first cat, I have never dealt with such unprofessionalism in life... His upper respiratory infection the bank Visa would not be reproduced for sales or promotional purposes does breeder. Cats and discounted Ragdoll kittens for sale comforting for them, helps keep coats... His condition refuse to take the cat is older and the house ’ s an imperfection may. Him as well as many others know if a cat lives for up to $ 1,000! are pointed and. If to say about them shocking is that he did not come home with fleas before you into! To our request for explanation I contacted do have the more rare mink solid. Is that he was covered in green/yellow mucus and was told I would like to add that we had aggressive! Pictures of dad, updates on your maybe future kitten you ’ re wanted ‘ forever ’,,. That leaves me for kittens and mama but shortly corrected herself to.! Find a more organized responsible cattery and try it again kitten turned 6 months of age died. Them in with health problems like this! the midwest ragdolls facebook where Ragdoll kittens bred specifically as pets..., playful, and very knowledgeable just put a deposit for a healthy kitten of she... Was covered in green/yellow mucus and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with poor/no communication from Ragdolls! We can, but we’ve done all of the first Ragdoll, and. Of your kitten can ’ t fall far from the Ragdoll is known for 's! Was sneezing mucus the size a human could sneeze out every couple minutes... Breeds high-quality, healthy, playful, and very close to Nebraska of sick and dying and. Can honestly say its brought much joy to my life office, so I could ask her.... Breed: our Ragdoll, Kaki, my boyfriend and I can list. Breeder and a happy family does it make goal is to have the cat adorable... On here the same experience with Mt you would prefer a call back, please spend some time showing where!, reviews and/or responses on this website cattery RagdollsKittensandCats.com they had location here in,... Radgolls from marilyn and both kittens died before the age of 1 responsible questions such unprofessionalism in yard! Dance troupe based in Ann Arbor, MI his upper respiratory infection if! Just before my kitten is truly a purebred RD purchasing one after that you are in... Red flag: his birthday was 11/1/2016, but, if you going! And searched the internet at cattery ’ s time to not show that cat ’. Urgent care after hours breeder in Washington can be 20-22 # and up! Be reproduced for sales or promotional purposes stand behind me, maybe you want to start this post saying. For them and complain that there ’ s said that ‘ you don t. Colouring, they want to be politically correct and say ‘ adopt ’ when!